Ok, so it’s a bit wordy, maybe I should explain…

You can call us geeks or techies, and that’s fine by us, but we like to think of ourselves as specialists. Here at 3ecruit, we pride ourselves on being specialist recruitment consultants within our given sectors, having gained strong industry-specific knowledge and expertise through a combination of research, training and a little thing called communication!

Our industry can be a tough one to get your head around, with slight differences and nuances varying from client to client – so our simple solution is communication. From the very first initial contact with a potential client, we will ascertain as much as we possibly can about their business, their ethos, their customer base and, of course, the kind of people that they hire. We take our roles as consultants very seriously, and as such, are always there to answer any queries, problems or niggles that a client may have – and not just during office hours – seriously, if you need our help at 9pm on a Sunday night, we’ll be there for you!

So, in a nutshell, what are our industry specialisms?…

3D Design

Any industry that requires the astonishing talents of 3D Artists, programmers, software designers – that may be for the purposes of branding and advertising; TV, film and game; automotive/aerospace design; medical/educational software and app design; architectural and interior design. For further information, why not drop an email to Marcio, our Head of 3D Visualisation and Architecture: marcio.lanita@3ecruit.eu

3D Technology

The rise of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) and 3D Metrology (laser scanning and measurement) is swiftly taking the world by storm as a more efficient, effective and often less wasteful alternative to standard manufacturing. We’ve all seen, and been blown away by the articles appearing all over social media and in the news about these incredible, life changing technologies – from artificial limbs and actual organ tissues constructed via 3D printing, to the latest scanning and laser measurement equipment, and not forgetting, of course the amazing technological advances being made in almost every industry due to the advent of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality technology. For more on this, you can speak to Jan, our Director and Lead in Global Innovation Technology and Sales: jan.vandewalle@3ecruit.eu

Managed Print Services

Any business knows the value of having effective, efficient and reliable print procedures in place – whether that is for the day-to-day printing needs of a small office, or for companies who provide printed branding and advertising solutions to their clients. We provide you with the industry experts who will supply, maintain and troubleshoot this essential part of your business – everything from MPS sales professionals and account managers to engineers and aftercare specialists. To discuss what our MPS candidates can do for you and your business, contact Nathan, our Head of Managed Print Service Recruitment: nathan.mccarthy@3ecruit.eu

So, essentially, that’s us – and we’re proud to call ourselves specialists. Supported by a strong resourcing, research and administrative team, we truly believe that our toolbox is perfectly equipped to provide a smooth, bespoke recruitment consultancy experience that will fit perfectly into your business, leaving you to concentrate on your own clients and customers – and surely, that’s what it’s all about.

Written by Amy Harris – 3D Technologies Administrator and Resourcer at 3ecruit