The True 3D Viewer software gives physicians the capability to interact with medical images, in much the same way they could with real objects.

EchoPixel, a leading developer of 3D medical visualisation software, has launched a new set of software tools designed to assist physicians using 3D-printed models.

Built on EchoPixel’s already existing True 3D Viewer software, the new Print Supportfeature further enables medical professionals to visualise and interact with patient-specific anatomy that can then be printed. This allows professionals to create their models with greater accuracy and quality, first time round.

The True 3D Viewer software gives physicians the capability to interact with medical images, in much the same way they could with real objects. Converting existing DICOM (medical imaging) datasets into life-size virtual reality objects, surgeons can move, turn and dissect virtual patient anatomy. The new software tools facilitate seamless transition to printing of 3D models, once a professional has determined the desired anatomy and orientation to print.

“We believe there’s a revolution happening in 3D medical modelling, and it’s just getting started,” said Ron Schilling, CEO of EchoPixel. “3D printing is a game-changing technology, but it’s not yet accepted as a widely effective clinical tool, primarily due to the cost and time restrictions. EchoPixel’s Interactive Virtual Reality is a complementary technology that can enable truly effective 3D modelling for the first time. It has the potential to dramatically reduce time and cost investments.”

EchoPixel believe its software tools present numerous potential benefits across a range of medical applications. These include improved communication and collaboration among different members of the surgical team, and enhanced pre-operative planning and better interactive understanding of unique anatomy that can be used as a reference during surgery. The True 3D Viewer software also enables mirror-image modelling used for reconstruction templates, practice on models for surgical residents and increased patient education.

Cook Children’s Medical Center, situated in Fort Worth, North Texas, is just one of the institutes to take on EchoPixel’s updated 3D software technology. The Medical Center is confident the adoption of this technology will better prepare doctors for surgery, and result in quicker procedures, with fewer obstacles.

“We’re excited to establish 3D virtual viewing as part of our 3D program,” said Steve Muyskens, M.D., cardiologist at Cook Children’s Medical Center. “Having this technology, in addition to 3D printing capabilities, allows Cook Children’s cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons to improve the planning of complex procedures and surgeries. We believe this approach will eventually lead to less time in the operating room and fewer complications.”


Original article written by Sam Davies for TCT Magazine