For many people the idea of going to the gym just sounds like exercising in a large room surrounded by sweaty, grunting people.

Could VR technologies be about to make the gym experience a little more fun?

A recently announced partnership between VR fitness game producers VirZOOM and global integrated circuits provider AMD, is bringing VR games to fitness bikes around the world.

The games will use the VirZOOM VR platform, AMD graphics cards to upgrade Life Fitness SE3 Discover upright and recumbent bikes in locations around the world. AMD small form PC’s and HTC Vive headsets form the hardware backbone to power a range of experiences that ‘motivates users to move like never before’.

Eric Janszen, VirZOOM CEO, said:

“Partners like AMD, HTC and Life Fitness have been instrumental in making our vision of VR exercise games in a gym setting a commercial reality.  The AMD and Radeon teams have gone above and beyond to create a powerful PC experience for high-end virtual reality suitable for a commercial gym environment.”

Two innovative technologies coming together

VirZOOM Arcade is a collection of games that look to combine strategy, coordination, and fitness. The games, can be played online against friends or in ghost challenges were people try to beat each other’s times and scores.

The games being brought to gyms involve players using pedalling and leaning to navigate races, battlegrounds and accuracy trials.

The game library can be downloaded on the PlayStation Network and Steam.

“Virtual reality brings new excitement to traditional fitness equipment. One of our goals is to continuously enhance the immersive exercise experience on our premium products,” said Amad Amin, Life Fitness product director of digital experience.

“Combining the interactive and engaging VR experience with the performance and durability of our Life Fitness products is an example of two innovative technologies coming together.

“Exercisers forget that they are working out because they are so in tune with what’s going on in the game, it’s been pretty fun to see. We want to continue finding new ways to keep people engaged and moving, and partnering with VirZOOM is a testament to that.”


Written by Colm Hebblethwaite for VR360 –